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Jason G. Gillmore , ., is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Hope College in Holland, MI. A native of New Jersey, he earned his . (’96) and . (’98) degrees in chemistry from Virginia Tech, and his . (’03) in organic chemistry from the University of Rochester. After a short postdoctoral traineeship at Vanderbilt University, he joined the faculty at Hope in 2004. He has received the Dreyfus Start-up Award, Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award, and NSF CAREER Award, and is currently on sabbatical as a Visiting Research Professor at Arizona State University. Professor Gillmore is the organizer of the Biennial Midwest Postdoc to PUI Professor (P3) Workshop co-sponsored by ACS, and a frequent panelist at the annual ACS Postdoc to Faculty (P2F) Workshops.

Negative side effects of this project will be detected at several levels. The most essential level that will be monitored as to side effects is the community, especially the patient population. Information from these oral interviews mentioned above, both positive and negative, will be reviewed by our Board of Directors on a monthly basis, and adjustments will be made accordingly. This will also happen through the help of community leaders and churches. Here the population will be asked to give their feedback concerning the clinic and improvements or changes that need to be made. This information will be channeled back to the Board, which will try to implement as many changes as possible to improve services.

Zen is a Philippine-American writer/director based in Portland, OR. Although he ought to settle for being a successful commercial producer, he and his writing partner have spent mornings, nights and weekends pursuing their first love—narrative storytelling. He's also married to an aesthetically pleasing human and is regularly informed that he's happy. Benjamin was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. He's been working for the last 8 years in Portland as a freelance writer/director/producer in film and advertising. He has taught a Low-Budget Filmmaking course at Portland State University and is currently producing a film called Going Dark .

Writing a application letter 0f

writing a application letter 0f


writing a application letter 0fwriting a application letter 0fwriting a application letter 0fwriting a application letter 0f