War in asia pacific essay

“This exact thing is going on right now in China.” It is amazing how “free people” in the US are simply unable to comprehend their own deficiencies. Along with “your” armed forces that go 5000 miles away to teach China “democracy” you point 5000 miles away whereas right here people are totally condition with the help of the best experts in advertisement technologies to behave as Pavlovian dogs.
I was born and lived for 40+ years in Soviet Union and still remember the day in 1944 when Nazi troops were marched along the Garden Ring in Moscow. Then I emigrated to the US and live here for another 40+ years. So, I now couple things on both sides of the Pond. And my verdict is that majority of American people became the most slavish people in the world. They are hooked on all sorts of dependencies with the drugs the least destructive of them. Delusions obtained with drugs is harmless comparative to delusion of being exception nation. Keep whining about Tramp, Congress, MSM etc – it wont help. The clock is ticking.

Sorasak Pan is the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Commerce of the Royal Government of Cambodia, responsible for international co-operation for trade and the implementation of trade-sector-wide approaches (Trade SWAp) policy. He is the national focal person for the Enhanced Integrated Framework and in charge of Trade Development in the Sub-Steering Committee for Trade Development and Trade-Related Investment. He is the Vice Chairman of the National Committee for the development triangle between Laos and Vietnam. He leads the drafting of an e-Commerce law.

War in asia pacific essay

war in asia pacific essay


war in asia pacific essaywar in asia pacific essaywar in asia pacific essaywar in asia pacific essay