Violent video game essay

Banning video games would frustrate a lot of people. No one should even let young kids play them. In some states, they only let 18+ but them. Because that's who they're for. I wouldn't mind if the government did that, but a full ban? That's the stupidest thing ever. Banning video games is like banning awesome books. They're for entertainment. The only good reason they have for banning the video games is the MENTAL going around killing people. Studies show people with Aspergers have a fascination for a certain thing they enjoy, including video games.

Some people who have identified as supporters of Gamergate said that they have been harassed. [63] [64] YouTube personality Steven "Boogie2988" Williams , remarked that a comment on one of his videos included his address and a threat to his wife's life. [63] [65] In an interview with BBC Three , Gamergate supporter John Bain , known by his YouTube moniker "TotalBiscuit," said he has been the target of death threats and harassment from anonymous people who opposed his view on Gamergate. [66] Mike Diver wrote in Vice that threats against Gamergate supporters had been neglected in press coverage. [63] Misogynist abuse and vitriolic messages were targeted at many people involved. [67]

Violent video game essay

violent video game essay


violent video game essayviolent video game essayviolent video game essayviolent video game essay