Thesis of animal farm by george orwell

It is easy to see for the reader that among the pigs the two boars Napoleon and Snowball never agree about anything. While Snowball is perfect at making up plans, such as organising the animals in special commitees or building a windmill to produce their own electricity, Napoleons offends him by being a great talker and tries to convince the other animals that Snowball's ideas are nonsense. Instead of supporting the plans of the windmill Napoleon prefers trading with human beings from nearby farms. Once Napoleon realizes that the others tend to take over Snowball's opinion, he uses Squealer's great sense of speach to improve his own power and to weaken Snowball's power. By the time this strategy does not work anymore, he brings up nine dogs which he educated when they were puppies and which function as his personal guard. It is the dogs who finally chase Snowball of the farm. Napoleon then takes over the plans of building the windmill and whenever one of the other animals wonders about it, it is Squealer who anounces that the plans have always been Napoleons ones. Napoleon uses the power the dogs give him to gain more and more power on the farm. A series of confessions start in which Napoleon lets the dogs slaughter any animal which worked together with Snowball or took any other advantage on the farm which was against the commandments or any of the rules Napoleon made up for the farm.

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Thesis of animal farm by george orwell

thesis of animal farm by george orwell


thesis of animal farm by george orwellthesis of animal farm by george orwellthesis of animal farm by george orwellthesis of animal farm by george orwell