Taming of the shrew classified

The Taming of the Shrew was first published in the 1623 First Folio, and that text is generally the source for subsequent editions. The only complication is a 1594 quarto titled  The Taming of A Shrew that is not ascribed to Shakespeare and which has an uncertain relationship to  The Shrew . While there are plot similarities, much of  A Shrew is different from  The Shrew , including character relationships, names, and much of the language. But since the framing story of Sly is continued throughout A Shrew , instead of being dropped after the initial scenes as in  The Shrew , editors sometimes wish to include those Sly scenes in their edition. The Folger edition, like all modern editions, is based on F1, and does not include any additions from  A Shrew .

Lord: Bob Sherman
Christopher Sly: David Lawrence
Hostess, Widow: Neeru Iyer
Page: Arielle Lipshaw
Players, Tranio, Nicholas: Elizabeth Klett
First Huntsman, Peter: Glenn Simonsen
Servant, Haberdasher, Nathaniel: Laurie Anne Walden
Baptista Minola: Ernst Pattynama
Vincentio: Mark F. Smith
Lucentio: mb
Petruchio: Bellona Times
Gremio: Rat King
Hortensio: Miriam Esther Goldman
Biondello: Matthew Ward
Grumio: Denny Sayers
Curtis: MGVestal
Pedant: Tom Hackett
Katherina: Kristin Hughes
Bianca: Musicalheart1
Tailor, Second Servant: Michael Wolf
Second Huntsman: Katalina Watt
First Servant: Abigail Bartels
Third Servant: von
Joseph: redaer
Philip: Lucy Perry
Narrator: Availle

Audio edited by: Elizabeth Klett and Arielle Lipshaw
Genre(s): Comedy

Taming of the shrew classified

taming of the shrew classified


taming of the shrew classifiedtaming of the shrew classifiedtaming of the shrew classifiedtaming of the shrew classified