Statistics final project

Most Common Causes of Project Failure:
Changing priorities within organization – 40%
Inaccurate requirements – 38%
Change in project objectives – 35%
Undefined risks/opportunities – 30%
Poor communication – 30%
Undefined project goals – 30%
Inadequate sponsor support – 29%
Inadequate cost estimates – 29%
Inaccurate task time estimate – 27%
Resource dependency – 25%
Poor change management – 25%
Inadequate resource forecasting – 23%
Inexperienced project manager – 20%
Limited resources – 20%
Procrastination within team – 13%
Task dependency – 11%
Other – 9%

It took weeks before we where able to start fixing issues, and from there on we needed a total of 6
months to make this mod work again. It was a very frustrating time and often did i want to stop and just trow the mod away. But we never did stop with a mod before, so this would not be the first time, the more so because we didn't cause the reason of stopping. We are glad we are now at this point that we finally can release the mod. Still, the mod doesn't look at all at what i had in mind. The story is not told like how i would have made it, but at the same time we are glad we can release it as it is.

Statistics final project

statistics final project


statistics final projectstatistics final projectstatistics final projectstatistics final project