Spartacus essay questions

Chapter 22 -- He’s Blind for a Reason, You Know
If it is difficult to write a story with a blind character, why might an author include one? Explain what Foster
calls the “Indiana Jones Principle”.

Chapter 23 -- It’s Never Just Heart Disease...
Chapter 24 -- ...And Rarely Just Illness
Why does Foster consider heart disease the best, most lyrical, most perfectly metaphorical illness? Recall two characters who died of a disease in a literary work. Consider how these deaths reflect the “principles governing the use of disease in literature” (215-217). Discuss the effectiveness of the death as related to plot, theme, or symbolism.

Chapter 25 -- Don’t Read with Your Eyes
After reading Chapter 25, choose a scene or episode from a novel, play or epic written before the twentieth century. Contrast how it could be viewed by a reader from the twenty-first century with how it might be viewed by a contemporary reader. Focus on specific assumptions that the author makes, assumptions that would not make it in this century.

Spartacus essay questions

spartacus essay questions


spartacus essay questionsspartacus essay questionsspartacus essay questionsspartacus essay questions