Soil science term paper topics

• Advanced water and wastewater treatment processes and sludge management
• Remediation (including phytoremediation) employing novel strategies, findings, or interpretations
• Hazardous waste – industrial chemicals
• Hydraulic fracturing and produced water
• Electrochemical methods for water and solids treatment
• Nanotechnology
• Advanced oxidation processes
• Photolysis and photocatalysis
• Natural treatment systems (riverbank filtration, aquifer recharge and recovery)
• Characterization and fate of natural and effluent organic matter

What are the benefits of our coconut coir?
• 100% Certified Organic
• OMRi Listed
• Super washed with freshwater to remove Sodium (EC), tannin, phenolic, chloride, etc.
• Complete freshwater processing
• No steaming or harsh chemical washes to ensure a healthy microbial population
• Naturally contains trichoderma a natural rooting/ growth agent
• High lignin / cellulose content
• Ideal environment for microbial life to flourish
• Studies show coir inhibits pythium and phytothora growth
• Faster growth with more abundant fruit/bloom setting
• Easy to dispose / recycle compared to other growing mediums
• Plants root faster compared to other mediums, great for seeds and cuttings
• Preferable natural PH compared to peat moss: (Coir: -) (Peat: -)
• Weed and pathogen free
• Mold and fungal resistant
• Lasts many times longer than peat moss
• High water and air holding capacity
• Coco coir holds water and air like a sponge
• Excellent drainage, High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
• Cuts down on fertilizer up to 30%
• Prevents stress after transplanting
• 100% Natural and renewable resource
• Coco never compacts, easily re-wets unlike peat moss which is known to form a crust on top of the medium which causes the water to run-off. Coir always absorbs evenly through the medium.

Soil science term paper topics

soil science term paper topics


soil science term paper topicssoil science term paper topicssoil science term paper topicssoil science term paper topics