Senior project thesis ideas

During the first quarter you sign up for one of these courses you must turn in a one-page proposal that outlines the work you plan to do (two pages for Master's students). This proposal serves to ensure that both you and your advisor have a concrete idea of the problem you intend to solve and the way you intend to solve it. This document will focus your ideas: frequently you'll find that you don't really understand something until you attempt to write it down. It also protects you toward the end of your project when your advisor attempts to get you to do some more work - you can point to the proposal and if the work isn't there you shouldn't have to do it (in most cases).

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Senior theses differ from term papers in several ways. First, a senior thesis is often much longer than a term paper and uses many more research sources. Second, the student invests more in a senior thesis than in an ordinary term paper; a senior thesis requires at least a semester (but preferably two semesters) of diligent work, and as part of that work the student may go to extravagant lengths to find the necessary research. Students who perform thorough research may have to travel, conduct experiments, interview experts in the field, or develop other creative ways of finding information that is not available in books and journals. As part of this extensive research, the student should become very familiar with the section of the library that carries information from the target discipline, and he or she should also learn the library's policies on interlibrary loans, the use of photocopiers and printers, book renewals, and overdue fines. Most students will probably have to spend a great deal of time in the library while they research their topics, and knowing the library's policies ahead of time may save them from having unexpectedly huge bills at the end of the semester.

Senior project thesis ideas

senior project thesis ideas


senior project thesis ideassenior project thesis ideassenior project thesis ideassenior project thesis ideas