Restorative justice research paper

In cases of civil war, because the line between offenders and victims can become blurred, a central goal of peacebuilding is to restore the community as a whole. In Northern Ireland, for example, the adoption of restorative justice techniques and practices helped transform destructive practices of punishing various actors into more constructive, non-violent mechanisms of dispute resolution.[11] Restoration often becomes tied to the transformation of the relationship between the conflicting parties. However, such restoration cannot take place unless it is supported by wider social conditions and unless the larger community makes restorative processes available.

On 27 th March, the National Centre of Public and Local Administration (EKDDA) , the Juveniles Probation Officers’ Association of Juvenile Courts in Greece (SEDA) and the ‘ Restorative Justice & Mediation’ Lab of Sociology Department, Panteion University signed jointly a Cooperation Agreement on designing and establishment of an innovative lab on prevention and addressing of juvenile delinquency, as well as the designing and implementation of educational activities and training programmes to address issues of restorative justice, delinquent juveniles’ treatment, mediation, victim-offender reconciliation, dispute resolution and other related topics.

Restorative justice research paper

restorative justice research paper


restorative justice research paperrestorative justice research paperrestorative justice research paperrestorative justice research paper