Reflective report examples essay

Work-based Learning Reflective Report
This subject, you will need to write the reflective report for 2,750 – 3,250 words (maximum is 3,250 words) on what I was doing the placement work as ” Demographic Survey” at Watershed. You can get everything and write the reflection from my Demographic Survey Diary, Which I will upload later alongside appendix A sheet on page 3 that will help you to see what you should develop my skill and gain an insight the company at Watershed. Please include theory and citation in the reflective writing report. The report should be your discussion of your development and learning on placement. You should open with a broad discussion of your own skills / knowledge and work through the objectives set for your work experience one-by-one to reflect on what you achieved and any further development required. And also please re-design the questionnaires about the Marketing Research from Watershed .
You can follow the structure of this report in Module handbook on page 6 and 7, indicative reading list on page 8 and 9.

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Reflective report examples essay

reflective report examples essay


reflective report examples essayreflective report examples essayreflective report examples essayreflective report examples essay