Persuasive term paper ideas

Treatments for children, born with severe and incurable medical conditions, have been found to cost the nation millions of dollars a year. Many of these babies could have been born healthy, if their parents had used genetic screening.

  • Should tax and insurance benefits be extended nationwide, to same sex families?
  • Should new drugs be tested on death row inmates, rather than on animals?
  • Should plastic surgery, for physically handicapped children (e. g. those born with Downs Syndrome), be paid for with medical insurance?
  • Should women be paid for childbirth?
  • Should there be, a legally established, minimal age for children to use technology?
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    A good example can be taken from a student researching primitive and early art during a semester in an arts course. A good topic would be “Religious Art: Primitive Icons of 9th th century AD.” A good topic for a chemical engineering term paper might be, “Redesigning the Manufacturing Process of Analgesic Tablets.” An excellent topic for a literature term paper might be, “Epistolary Literature: Authors Writing to Authors.” These topics are specific to their subject, but they are general enough to allow the student scope for extensive research and comprehensive reading and writing on the topic.

    Persuasive term paper ideas

    persuasive term paper ideas


    persuasive term paper ideaspersuasive term paper ideaspersuasive term paper ideaspersuasive term paper ideas