Performance enhancement drugs in sports essays

Managing Attention Deficits
1. Increase Attention by Decreasing Stress
2. Increase Attention by Increasing Interest in a Task
3. Increase Attention by Prioritizing
4. Increase Attention by Saying No to Unreasonable Demands
5. Increase Focus by Setting Goals
6. Increase Focus by Creating a Mission Statement
7. Increase Focus by Finding Sweet Spot
8. Increase Focus by Increasing Time in Nature
9. Increase Focus by Creating a Not-To-Do List
Managing Impulsivity and Hyperactivity
10. Decrease Impulsivity by Pausing
11. Decrease Impulsivity by Increasing Detachment
12. Decrease Impulsiveness by Asking "What Did You Mean By That?"
13. Decrease Impulsivity by Managing Anger
14. Decrease Impulsivity by Listing Consequences
15. Decrease Impulsivity by Translating Complaints into Requests
16. Decrease Impulsivity by Practicing Communication Skills
17. Decrease Impulsivity by Increasing Positive Self-talk
18. Decrease Hyperactivity by Increasing Self-Care
19. Decrease Hyperactivity by Increasing Exercise and Relaxation
20. Increase Persistence by Managing Emotions
21. Increase Persistence by Increasing Awareness of Benefits
22. Increase Persistence by Decreasing Self-Criticism
23. Increase Persistence by Increasing Rewards
24. Increase Task Completion by Predicting Obstacles
25. Increase Task Completion by Identifying Unmet Needs
26. Increase Task Completion by Asking for Support
Create Real World Success
27. Increase Motivation by Decreasing Depletion
28. Increase Motivation by Noticing Progress
29. Increase Motivation by Focusing on Positive Feelings
30. Increase Motivation by Asking "Why do I want to change?"
31. Increase Confidence by Identifying Strengths
32. Increase Confidence by Listing Past Successes
33. Increase Organization by Reframing
34. Increase Organization by Decreasing Emotional Upsets
35. Increase Organization with Technology
36. Increase Time Management by Taking 10 minutes Each Morning
37. Increase Time Management by Building New Habits
38. Increase Time Management by Using Prompts and Reminders

Phase 3 Sports Specific Training All Inclusive Program Includes: – Private 60-minute sessions (each session will include videotaped exercises for the client to follow at home)
– Consulting with your Coach, Athletic Trainer, Chiropractor, Medical Doctor, Massage or Physical Therapist
– Weekly-personalized videos and exercise systems (does not include extended program design, videotaping, editing and teaching)
– On going support via email, phone and Skype
– The client may also be referred out to one of WMC’s Team Practitioners in their network of holistic healthcare Practitioners.
– The client must clear both the SFMA and FMS before resuming the full demands of their athletic or recreational activities.

Baseball is by far the most mentally challenging and demanding. Demanding, because there is so much dead time compared to other sports. Dead time gives baseball players lots of time to think, and thinking is often at the root of tension, pressure and anxiety. Challenging, because baseball players spend most of their time on physical preparation and little or no time on the one area that is going to impact their career the most. Yes, the mental game is being talked about a lot more these days, but talking isn’t good enough. It’s time to cut to the chase. Doing something about it is where the rubber hit’s the road.

Performance enhancement drugs in sports essays

performance enhancement drugs in sports essays


performance enhancement drugs in sports essaysperformance enhancement drugs in sports essaysperformance enhancement drugs in sports essaysperformance enhancement drugs in sports essays