Our relationship nature essay

The invasion of the emerald ash borer, or EAB, ( Agrilus planipennis ) since 2002 has provided an unfortunate opportunity to look at the effect of tree-loss on human health. EAB is a non-native, wood-boring beetle that kills all species of ash ( Fraxinus ) trees within three years after infestation. In some communities, entire streets lined with ash were left barren after the beetle arrived in their neighborhood. A study looked at human deaths related to heart and lung disease in areas affected by EAB infestations. It found that across 15 states, EAB was associated with an additional 6,113 deaths related to lung disease and 15,080 heart-disease-related deaths.

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Our relationship nature essay

our relationship nature essay


our relationship nature essayour relationship nature essayour relationship nature essayour relationship nature essay