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So, in California, you can become a licensed psychologist without attending an APA accredited doctorate degree program.
In fact, in California, they will even let you take the psychologist exam if you attended a completely unaccredited but state-approved school and completed your degree prior to 1999.

(State approved here means “approved” by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. The BPPVE was once recognized as a licensing agent for California trade schools. Many distance learning psychology PhD programs in the 1980s through the 1990s were awarded by unaccredited schools that were state approved by the BPPVE. The BPPVE no longer exists.)

If you do not need or want APA accreditation, and you want to earn an online PhD, EdD or PsyD in psychology, Get Educated profiles online psychology degrees that match this criteria.

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A doctoral degree opens up many opportunities for success. However, one should not attempt to earn a doctorate unless he or she has adequate time and financial resources. It is also important to recognize that a doctor may need to relocate to find suitable employment in a certain field. As with any college degree, the process of earning and using a . requires extensive planning. Selecting the right online doctoral program for your unique situation takes time and effort. Online PhD Programs is here to help make the process a little quicker and easier.

Both primarily online providers and colleges with physical campuses that offer online degree options typically mandate that students complete some form of residency. In many cases, residency for an online doctorate degree will require students to attend a minimum number of classes or seminars at an actual campus location. The duration of the residency can vary significantly from program to program, some lasting a semester or longer. On the other hand, there are a few institutions that have done away with physical residency requirements entirely for distance learning students. It is very important that an individual fully understand the residency requirements of any specific online degree program before signing up.

Online phd programs

online phd programs


online phd programsonline phd programsonline phd programsonline phd programs