Msc engineering dissertation examples

Supervisors with appropriate academic and professional qualifications work with you and your employer to design a unique programme of activities and goals that also aim to meet a development need for your employer. Typically lasting two to three years, this 'learning agreement' , tailored to your specific work situation, uses your normal workplace activities in 'learning modules', which are recognised as further learning at masters level. Our supervisors will ensure that your individual programme meets the requirements of an MSc, and will enable you to demonstrate engineering skills and competencies needed for chartered engineer status.

The course is taught by research active members of the Jost Institute of Tribotechnology , meaning there is a collaborative working environment and a close link with a vibrant, research-active community:

  • Dr. Ahmed Onsy is a lecturer in condition monitoring and maintenance engineering, and course leader for MSc Maintenance Engineering. He is lecturing sensor, instrumentation and control, design and operation of sustainable systems. His main research interests are intelligent machines, diagnostics and health management systems, smart maintenance systems, advanced mechatronics and embedded systems. He is a member of the Jost Institute.
  • Dr Hadley Brokos is a lecturer in our mechanical engineering courses. His area of research interest in additive manufacturing.
  • Dr Gonzalo Garcia-Atance Fatjo is a lecturer in engineering. He is lecturing materials, tribology and surface engineering. Gonzalo is research active within the area oftribotechnology and is a member of the Jost Institute
  • Dr Nathalie Renevier is a senior lecturer and course leader for BEng (Hons) Mechanical Maintenance Engineering. She is lecturing maintenance management and is coordinating all the undergraduates projects. Her area of research is surface engineering (coatings, surface treatments) and is a member of the Jost Institute
  • Professor Ian Sherrington is Professor of Tribotechnology and Director of the Jost Institute. He contributes to mechanical systems reliability
  • Professor Ted Smith is honorary professor. He contributes to mechanical systems reliability. His expertise is in Lubrication and lubrication management
  • Dr Martin Varley is a Principal lecturer and Lead academic for all our engineering courses. He is co-ordinating master projects and student led modules . His area of research is in digital engineering and is a member of the Applied Digital Signal and Imaging Processing Research Centre  

Our well-equipped modern fire engineering laboratory facilities comprise of state-of-the-art fire research equipment, used by experienced academics, are available for research and teaching. There are specialist facilities which include analytical and material characterisation equipment. A number of experiments, ranging from the investigation of fire retardants to the combustion properties of materials, and fire toxicity can be undertaken. We also have computational fluid dynamics facilities, that provide the use of CFD based fire modelling for research, teaching and consultancy.

Msc engineering dissertation examples

msc engineering dissertation examples


msc engineering dissertation examplesmsc engineering dissertation examplesmsc engineering dissertation examplesmsc engineering dissertation examples