Michelle obama essays

Remember: In November 2010, the White House began issuing thousands of waivers to unions, cronies, businesses, and organizations that offered affordable health insurance or prescription-drug coverage with limited benefits outlawed by Obamacare. The federalized-health-care architects had sought to eliminate those low-cost plans under the guise of controlling insurer spending on executive salaries and marketing. Despite the waivers, the mandate has led to untold disruptions in the marketplace and has prompted businesses to cancel the beneficial plans altogether and/or slash wages and work hours.

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The trajectory of former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is always interesting but elusive. Assorted press reports indicate she’s running for mayor of New York City in the fall. Press reports also indicate that she’s not running for New York City mayor in the fall. There are revelations that Mrs. Clinton went to a Broadway show, or dined with a celebrity. Her rare tweets — maybe one or two a week — get ample press, as does her personal news, like future speaking engagements or a forthcoming book of her essays to be released this fall by a major publisher, along with a reissue of her 1995 bestseller “It Takes a Village.”

Michelle obama essays

michelle obama essays


michelle obama essaysmichelle obama essaysmichelle obama essaysmichelle obama essays