Hero in of mice and men

As has been extensively covered in the past, the relationship between Luke and Rey is the beating heart of  Episode VIII , which is unsurprising considering the film’s title is a direct reference to Skywalker. However, they aren’t the only characters that will show up in the movie. The war between the Resistance and First Order rages on, with both sides trying to make sense of a galaxy in chaos following the destructions of the Hosnian system and Starkiller base. At the forefront of this conflict will be Poe Dameron, the best pilot in the Resistance. Since the group uses some out-of-date tech , even Poe needs all the help he can get, and that’s where the engineers come in.

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Hero in of mice and men

hero in of mice and men


hero in of mice and menhero in of mice and menhero in of mice and menhero in of mice and men