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Following the detection of wild poliovirus in northern Nigeria in 2016 for the first time in two years, Nigeria and neighbouring countries in the Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad and Niger) have held multiple vaccination campaigns to raise population immunity and prevent spread of the virus. Activities in the area continue to focus on reaching every child with vaccines, especially in identifying and vaccinating missed children and closing immunity gaps in populations that have previously been inaccessible. Countries are also working to increase surveillance efforts.

The Regional Constitutions, in the 1960 and 1963 Constitutions, described each Region as "a self-governing Region of the Federal Republic of Nigeria." To buttress the self-governing status of each Region, adequate provision were made to guarantee the economic independence of the Regions, thus avoiding the hollowness of a declaration of self-governing status totally undermined by economic dependence. Moreover, consistently with the Federal character of the country, . country of many nations, the basis of revenue allocation was strictly derivative.

The Barclays banks followed by 117 and in 1933 the national bank of Nigeria Ltd. The first indigenous banking institution that survived the followed in 1948 is the African Continental bank. These indigenous bank were left to operte in periphery of banking business even the state governments owned banks that were established within the last ten years, were anxious to stay in the big cities where they could generate profitable business quickly, rather than see themselves as vehicle for rapid transformation an development of the rural sectors of the estates that owned them.

Essays on nigeria at 50

essays on nigeria at 50


essays on nigeria at 50essays on nigeria at 50essays on nigeria at 50essays on nigeria at 50