Essay on prophethood

After the assassination of Hassan al-Banna, she played a pivotal role in regrouping the Brotherhood in the 1960s. She was imprisoned in the year 1965 and was sentenced for 25 years, but was released under Anwar Sadat’s presidency. While in prison, al-Ghazali and members of the Brotherhood underwent many inhumane punishments. During these periods of hardship, it is said that she had visions of Prophet Muhammad ( saws ) and also experienced some miracles as she got food, refuge and strength in those difficult times. She has authored a book based on her experiences in jail, which was later translated into English as Return of the Pharaoh . She died on 3 rd August 2005, aged 88 years.

I am fully aware that this event in my life carries almost no weight for anyone who chooses to disbelieve in God. Such a person’s faith in atheism would probably overcome whatever credibility I have in his eyes. However, it is not for him that I relate what happened. I write it for the seeker who wishes to know whether God exists, and, if He does, whether He reveals Himself. I answer with an emphatic "yes." But regardless of the weight someone might place in this answer to prayer, for me this event established the existence of God once and for all. My prayer was answered immediately and in a manner that cannot be explained except by the grace and kindness of a hearing, powerful, present God.

The Qur'an contains a great deal of guidance and information for anyone looking for final answers. The information given in this small essay is only the tip of the tip of the iceberg. There is no substitute for reading the Qur'an itself in its entirety - it is the closest we can come to having God speak to us directly and personally here on Earth. The Qur'an answers many questions which are commonly asked by today's men and women. Its scope is wide: from fundamental issues such as the nature of the Creator and mankind's limited free will and reason, to the more mundane such as marriage laws and whom to give charity to. Islam as described in the Qur'an is vastly and almost completely different than Islam as understood by most non-Muslims and even a few Muslims. The negative image of Islam today is an incredibly misleading deception. It is based on the moral weakness of some people who claim to be Muslims, and also on the unawareness of non-Muslims. Behind this image is the presence of a Truth which answers the fundamental questions we have, and which can reunite us with God. It is there for us to listen to, or to ignore.

Essay on prophethood

essay on prophethood


essay on prophethoodessay on prophethoodessay on prophethoodessay on prophethood