Essay on nuclear war

The Indian Navy also prepared to blockade the Pakistani ports (primarily the Karachi port ) [67] to cut off supply routes under Operation Talwar . [68] [69] [70] [71] The Indian Navy's western and eastern fleets joined in the North Arabian Sea and began aggressive patrols and threatened to cut Pakistan's sea trade. This exploited Pakistan's dependence on sea based oil and trade flows. [72] Later, then- Prime Minister of Pakistan , Nawaz Sharif disclosed that Pakistan was left with just six days of fuel to sustain itself if a full-scale war had broken out. [18] [73] [74] [75]

North Korea itself routinely claims that the . pursues a "hostile policy" toward it, and that it needs nuclear weapons as the ultimate guarantee against American-led regime change. The Kims have been quite explicit that they do not wish to meet the fate of Saddam Hussein or Moammar Khaddafy. The South Korean left has sought a dovish engagement policy for years, peaking in the so-called "sunshine policy" from 1998-2008, when South Korea provided aid, assistance and diplomatic cover for North Korea in a unilateral effort to break the long Korean stalemate. The most prominent figure advancing such thinking is the current liberal South Korean president, Moon Jae In.

Essay on nuclear war

essay on nuclear war


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