Essay on changes in indian family

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Moving from ones hometown to another country is so difficult. People have different feelings and thoughts for each stage. Actually, they are excited to see and experience new things, but at the same time, they feel sad about missing their family and friends. In short, it is hard to move without any experience, but people will learn many things like I did as a new immigrant. I was driving when my husband called me and said, We have to move to the USA because my job application to the United Nations was accepted. I thought that it could be my last chance to drive on those streets. I had a lot of questions like how I could handle this situation and what would happen in the future.
We were lucky because my husband received a new job offer from the United Nations three years ago. Then we decided to move from Tehran to New York City. We had gotten married one year before the job offer. We lived in an apartment with brand new furniture, so we had to sell the furniture and break our lease. We had two different feelings when we sold our furniture. We were really sad because all of it was new. However, we were excited because we knew that we would replace it as soon as possible.
It was the first time that I had to leave my parents and sisters for a long time. We used to see each other every day. I was worried about my parents because they are old. I have three sisters who are older than me and very kind and got married a decade ago. Also I have two nephews and two nieces who are close to me. I hardly ever had a day without spending time with at least one of them. I was worried about missing my family, and I thought that it would be too hard to go back to my country to visit them.
At night on January 19, 2011, my husband and I had our luggage packed. We had dinner at my in-laws' place. My parents also came there and we went to the airport together. They were trying to keep us calm by giving us hope and energy. They told us about opportunities an...

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Essay on changes in indian family

essay on changes in indian family


essay on changes in indian familyessay on changes in indian familyessay on changes in indian familyessay on changes in indian family