Essay by robert wrigley

All this does not mean that Italian fascism was tolerant. Gramsci was put in prison until his death; the opposition leaders Giacomo Matteotti and the brothers Rosselli were assassinated; the free press was abolished, the labor unions were dismantled, and political dissenters were confined on remote islands. Legislative power became a mere fiction and the executive power (which controlled the judiciary as well as the mass media) directly issued new laws, among them laws calling for preservation of the race (the formal Italian gesture of support for what became the Holocaust).

A cloudy but mild morning at the Magna Meadows ground in Lowdham was the setting for this match between two sides who hadn’t enjoyed the best of starts to their respective seasons.  The first half was very evenly balanced with the visitors probably having the most threatening attacks but neither side made a breakthrough.  The second half was somewhat different with Lowdham having changed formation from 3-something-1 to a more traditional 4-4-2.  Also, the Lowdham ‘keeper, Dylan Lee, who had injured a hand, was replaced by Jacob Turner.  Almost from the restart, the home side began to command the midfield and set up some more telling attacks.  A clearance through the middle from Justin Kelley onto Joshua McCourt found the head of Matty Edinborough who managed to guide it to Jake Tomlinson just outside the penalty area who spun to avoid using his left foot and guided the ball wide of the keeper with a very balanced shot to take the lead.  Five minutes later, a midfield onslaught from Lowdham found Louis Clark in space who left the visiting ‘keeper flat-footed and chipped it into the opposing corner of the net to double the lead.  Shortly after, some excellent play along the right wing saw Edward Roberts run to the byeline and send in a fierce, low cross which was pounced on by Dylan Lee, who had revisited play as a substitute in the outfield and who determinedly fired the ball home past his opposite number to take the score to 3-0.    Even though there were some individual battles, to which the referee had occasion to bring calm, the game was played in excellent spirit.  It was no coincidence that Lowdham’s MoM award went to Finlay Bennett who was outstanding in defence and thwarted the bulk of attacks from Holy Spirit from the right and centre.

Essay by robert wrigley

essay by robert wrigley


essay by robert wrigleyessay by robert wrigleyessay by robert wrigleyessay by robert wrigley