Ego boosters and ego busters essay

Egyptians often named, or nicknamed, their children after animals; Miit (cat) was a popular moniker for girls. It's said that entire households shaved their eyebrows in mourning if a house cat died a natural death. Some also believe that cats received special legal protection. (Not all cats were this lucky, however, as some temples bred kittens specifically to offer their mummified forms to the gods.) If a favorite cat died, the Egyptians would bury them in special decorated coffins, containers, and boxes. King Tutankhamen, for example, had a stone sarcophagus constructed just for his pet feline.

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Ego boosters and ego busters essay

ego boosters and ego busters essay


ego boosters and ego busters essayego boosters and ego busters essayego boosters and ego busters essayego boosters and ego busters essay