Dream job research paper

Hard work and self-reliance are not code words for selfishness. The safety net is a moral imperative. As Ronald Reagan once said at the Conservative Political Action Conference, “Now, there are those who will always require help from the rest of us on a permanent basis, and we’ll provide that help. To those with temporary need, we should have programs that are aimed at making them self-sufficient as soon as possible.” [31] This cannot be overemphasized, given how successful the Left has been in framing the debate as one that pits compassionate liberals against heartless conservatives.

“We do more political propaganda than setting the educational institutions in order,” says MM Ansari, former University Grants Commission (UGC) member. “Modi sarkar promised to reform the regulatory bodies like UGC, AICTE and MCI; and bring a new education policy. This promise has not been fulfilled even after the three years.” According to Sucheta Mahajan, a professor at the Centre for Historical Studies, JNU, in the past few years there has been an attempt by the government to squeeze out the central universities, both financially and otherwise. “And the whole rhetoric here is to catch up with the West and how we should have the best institutions in India,” she says.

Dream job research paper

dream job research paper


dream job research paperdream job research paperdream job research paperdream job research paper