Dogberry malapropism essay

Since the office of constable was supposed to circulate among the commonality, everyone must have known what his duties were at least supposed to be, and so everyone could understand Shakespeare's travesty; and, since honest fellows who quaffed late at the taverns were likely to run afoul of him on the way home, his powers and his procedure were as widely understood as those of our modern state police upon the highways. Indeed, the Queen's own jester, Tarleton , was twice taken into custody for being on the streets after ten, and had to rely on his wit to avoid being jailed. [2]

The word malapropism comes from “Mrs. Malaprop”, a character in Sheridan’s comedy “The Rivals”, who has a habit of replacing words with incorrect and absurd utterances producing a humorous effect. A miss-speech is considered malapropism when it sounds similar to the word it replaces but has an entirely different meaning. For instance, replacing acute by obtuse is not a malapropism because both words have a contrasting meanings but do not sound similar. Using obtuse  for abstruse , on the other hand, is a malapropism, as there is a difference in meanings and both words sound similar. These characteristics makes malapropism different from other errors in speech such as eggcorns and spoonerisms .

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Dogberry malapropism essay

dogberry malapropism essay


dogberry malapropism essaydogberry malapropism essaydogberry malapropism essaydogberry malapropism essay