Cset essay

• “There are only a couple of constructed responses so I should concentrate more on the multiple choices”. Candidates do not understand how ETS scores constructed responses. ETS clarifies an important point: “Your response will be scored only on the feature listed in the scoring guide for your test”. For instance, if you were asked to point a difference, then any lengthy definitions may not weigh much unless these definitions are used to pinpoint a difference. Many times, stating one major difference will suffice to ensure excellent Praxis 2 scores. You can check the ETS scoring guide for a specific test.

Each field test form consists of a set of multiple-choice questions and three to four constructed-response (essay) items.  Most field test sessions are administered during a 75-minute test session of which approximately 55 minutes are provided to respond to the items. The CSET: Science Subtest I: General Science (215) is administered during a 105-minute session. Eligible participants may complete up to two (2) field test forms for Multiple Subjects Subtest II (214), Chemistry (218), Earth and Space Sciences (219), and Physics (220); up to three (3) field test forms for Life Sciences (217); and up to four (4) field test forms for General Science (215). Additional registrations for a field test session can only be scheduled after the first field test session is completed (consecutive field test appointments are not available). For Life Sciences (217) and General Science (215), additional registrations beyond the first two field test sessions must be made after December 17, 2016. Field test results will be analyzed as group data only and will be kept confidential. Score information will not be provided to participants or institutions.

Cset essay

cset essay


cset essaycset essaycset essaycset essay