Civil engineering thesis ideas

Mineral Engineering deals with the science of our interaction with the Earth. Mineral Engineers use math, physics, geology and environmental science to understand and shape the natural world around us. Mineral Engineering is the interdisciplinary study, development and design of subsurface space for a host of applications: mining, oil and gas exploration, hydroelectric projects, tunnels and subways, subsurface storage facilities, underground urban and shopping spaces. Think of large projects like the Chunnel, Hydroelectric Dams, Deep Foundations (for the CN Tower…), and much much more.

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The Masters of Science (.) level Civil Engineering curriculum is designed so that students can get specialized education in any of the six main areas of Civil Engineering (Construction, Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation and Water Resources Engineering) which are broadly covered in the undergraduate program. In order to complete the . degree, students must take four required courses in the area of their choice (., construction management), and six additional elective courses which are selected from a wide list of courses for a non-thesis option, or four required courses, four additional elective courses, and six thesis credits for a thesis option. Learn more information about the . program . The doctoral (.) is also awarded in all major areas of Civil Engineering. Find information about the doctoral program . All students interested in the graduate programs are highly encouraged to learn more about our research (see research menu above) and find out the research areas of interest of various faculty members, and to contact these faculty members to establish rapport even prior to coming to FIT.

Civil engineering thesis ideas

civil engineering thesis ideas


civil engineering thesis ideascivil engineering thesis ideascivil engineering thesis ideascivil engineering thesis ideas