Choosing topic for research paper

Spikes are usually preferred on a grass or field turf surface, allowing a player to dig into the surface and resist forces that may stop forward movement. Removable cleats are advantageous because they can be switched out for different surfaces. They come in 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1 inch sizes. Molded cleats are preferred on turf surfaces to provide more traction. A lineman may benefit from a high top cleat above his ankle, which provides more stability during lateral movements. A running back or wide receiver may prefer a low cut cleat providing greater agility on the field while performing cutting maneuvers.

I would argue however, that the most important aspect to consider is relevance to your audience. I appreciate that speakers communicate better on topics that they really care about, but even an enthusastic speaker wouldn’t be able to hold an audience’s attention on irrelevant content.
Of course, presentations should ideally satisfy all three criteria – but in practice, I’m sure that these defining lines aren’t quite so clear. In this case, I’d suggest that it’s more important to focus on producing content that will keep the audience riveted, rather than something that would keep you rivited – and lack of specific knowledge of a topic just calls for more research!

Choosing topic for research paper

choosing topic for research paper


choosing topic for research paperchoosing topic for research paperchoosing topic for research paperchoosing topic for research paper