Cancer essays

That is what my readings are leading me to believe, that CBDs alone, are not the key to treat cancer (that’s my condition), THC seems to be the most important ingredient. It’s hard to make “objective” conclusions from the amount of information that’s out there in the form of videos, testimonials and blogs, on the internet. Once I conclude that a “full spectrum” meaning ALL that’s possibly in cannabis oil is what’s best, from a therapy point of view, then it’s possible to navigate the myriad of cannabis oil offers by dispensaries. It’s a jungle, out there. Eventually, soon enough, I hope to be able to start making my own oil. But not until I know more about what’s really effective against the darn cancer cells.

The Church teaches us that Patience is the counter-virtue to the vice of anger.  St. Augustine stated, “Patience is the companion of Wisdom”.  One might surmise that Augustine would have also thought that anger’s companion is foolishness.  By exercising patience, the impulsivity that spurs angry and hateful behavior is negated.  Patience starves resentment, retribution, unforgiveness and bitterness of the emotional energy they require.  Patience allows us to measure right and appropriate responses to offending behavior.  In a world that might almost be described as ‘angry’, the Christian ‘ethos’ is a valuable and rare commodity.

Cancer essays

cancer essays


cancer essayscancer essayscancer essayscancer essays