Buying personal statement

For your calculations, figure that a rental property will not get as low a mortgage rate as a primary home will. In this example, a four-bedroom house costing $300,000 is rented for $2,000 per month. The 20% down payment is $60,000, and the 30-year fixed interest rate on the $240,000 balance is 4%. Taxes, insurance, and a maintenance budget bring the monthly cost to $1,764, yielding a nominal profit of $2,838 per year, or % of the down payment per year. That’s much better than a savings account and better than most blue-chip stocks pay in dividends, although maybe not as much as you could earn in the stock market in a good year. But when you figure in depreciation, the nominal gain of $2,838 becomes a loss of $6,252, which can be applied against other income.

More phrases to avoid: 'I genuinely believe I’m a highly motivated person' or 'My achievements are vast'. Instead give specific examples that provide concrete evidence. Show, don’t tell!

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    Buying personal statement

    buying personal statement


    buying personal statementbuying personal statementbuying personal statementbuying personal statement