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Finnigan, whose debut novel, Eloise , has also become a bestseller after its launch in October last year, is anticipating a big response. "Since we've published our own first books, and have been going around talking at festivals, we've been astonished by the amount of interest in books there is out there - really big audiences of people who are not only interested in reading but an awful lot of them have a strong interest in writing. And it's incredibly difficult to get published. As Richard says, people are always saying to us, 'How do you get an agent? How to you get published?' So I'm sure we'll get a lot of interest in this competition."

The use of the marketing phrase, underground bestseller further illustrates the independent-from-sales, self-defining aspect of the term. For example, publisher HarperCollins suggested the bestseller potential of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood: A Novel by announcing "...four years after her award-winning, underground bestseller, Little Altars Everywhere ..." in the promotion. The book went on to achieve bestseller status in the 1990s. In reviews of the 2002 film of the same name, the novel's bestseller status was cited routinely, as in "compelling adaptation of Rebecca Wells' bestseller". [19]

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Bestseller books

bestseller books


bestseller booksbestseller booksbestseller booksbestseller books