Bad habit of smoking essay

Even reducing the amount you smoke appears to help. One study found that smokers who reduced their smoking habit to less than half a pack a day had only three times the risk of developing gum disease compared with nonsmokers, which was significantly lower than the six times higher risk seen in those who smoked more than a pack and a half per day. Another study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association found that the mouth lesion leukoplakia completely resolved within 6 weeks of quitting in % of patients who used smokeless tobacco products.

This not only relates to the commonly known ‘smoker’s breath’, but in some cases may lead to severe and persistent bad breath. Apart from killing off the good bacteria in your mouth, smoking is also known to cause problems with digestion, throat infections and build up of chemicals within the oral cavity (an unhealthy throat and stomach are one of the key reasons for bad breath, apart from poor oral hygiene). Not only does smoking cause conditions like oral thrush but also leads to a condition called ‘smoker’s palate’ (where the roof of the mouth is covered with cigarette residue, leading to formation of small red spots on the palate) which is one of the main reasons for bad breath.

Bad habit of smoking essay

bad habit of smoking essay


bad habit of smoking essaybad habit of smoking essaybad habit of smoking essaybad habit of smoking essay