Arts based dissertations

This thesis explores how Expressive Arts Therapy can help women heal from trauma experienced during the birth of their child. Over the course of an eight-week workshop the arts and imagination were used to explore themes around the birth process, motherhood and the images that arose. Through the lens of art as a resource, encountering the imagination, a shift in each woman's relationship to the birth takes place. The narrative of trauma was transformed and through the Expressive Arts Therapy process a sense of community and support led each woman to have a change in perspective, self-acceptance, and the ability to move forward.

This study is an investigation into the use of the arts in peacebuilding evaluation. In recent years, peace practitioners, academics, artists, and organizations have begun to use arts-based tools to look at the quality and impact of peacebuilding work. My purpose was to gather information on how the arts – in different ways and forms – have been used in peacebuilding evaluation, and to collect reflections and lessons learned from those who have applied the arts in these contexts. Primary research consisted of semi-structured interviews with six professionals, each of whom had had direct experience using the arts in the evaluation and assessment of peacebuilding efforts. Qualitative and phenomenological methodology provided an in-depth look into what these individuals perceived to be the benefits, challenges, issues, and questions associated with using the arts as peacebuilding evaluation tools. My overall objective was to present usable information to those who wish to study and apply the arts in evaluating peacebuilding work.

Arts based dissertations

arts based dissertations


arts based dissertationsarts based dissertationsarts based dissertationsarts based dissertations