Archaeology thesis online

Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) Graduate Assistantship in Public Archaeology:  The FPAN Graduate Assistantship in Public Archaeology is offered to an incoming UWF Anthropology or Historical Archaeology graduate student. During the first two years, the student will work in the public archaeology program for the FPAN Northwest Region. During the third year the student will work directly with the FPAN Executive Director on a thesis representing a substantive contribution to the field of public archaeology or to public archaeology programming in Northwest Florida. 

There are any number of historically significant wrecks in the new, expanded sanctuary that haven’t been identified, photographed, or studied yet. Some of those, especially in deep water, could have huge archaeological potential. Hence the archaeologists’ training and practice with rebreathers and, in the future, other advanced diving techniques. The need to go deeper and the abundance of wrecks leave this group of researchers—as they prepare to drop in for a visit to an unknown wreck that might be Corsair , a classic schooner wrecked in 1872—with an enviable problem: so many wrecks, so little time.

Archaeology thesis online

archaeology thesis online


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