Agood personal statement

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Classicalguy – I’m fine with change – I work with computers for a living and am always trying new or upgraded software, but I would like something that works as well or better than the program I’m switching from. I bought quicken early in the summer and used it for 2 months before I gave up on it for a number of reasons. I’ve also downloaded and tried several other programs mentioned here. I really like Mint and think it’s better than Money in many ways and if they had a register built in, I’d go with that in a heartbeat. I’d also stick with Money, even without the online services, if I can get them to give me a code that will unlock it. It seems to me, that many of us here want the same type of tools from our financial software, and can’t find it outside of Money… it can’t just be because we’re all resistant to change. For me, I want one stop shopping like I had with Money before it expired.. now I have to go to several places to get the same information.

Agood personal statement

a good personal statement


a good personal statementa good personal statementa good personal statementa good personal statement